Dear Friends,

We hope our letter finds you well and safe.

As restrictions on movement start to ease across the world, we can once again think of welcoming you back to Amari, a place where time has always stood still and that lends itself easily to being able to gather and share wisdom and thoughts around what is happening in our world today and how we can be a positive presence within it all. Mt. Psiloritis, standing guard over our beautiful valley, has seen this and more and no-one is better equipped than the mountains, the valley and the presence of our ancestors to help us ponder on what we would like our ‘new normal’ to look like.

I think we can all agree that nothing can beat the face to face community and the joy of coming together, sharing cups of tea or coffee, glasses of raki or wine and sitting under a tree having a natter. Thankfully, we will soon be able to do this and we will, once again, be able to welcome you back to Amari and what a celebration it will be!

On the last day of September this year, (30/09-06/10), we are looking forward to welcoming ten people to our course “The Inner Wheel.”  This is a very exciting chance to celebrate life by delving into storytelling, guided by the four elements of Nature and the four ancient Greek temperaments. Our terrestrial guides will be Sue Hollingsworth and Stella Kassimati, whose collective experience and compassionate humour will provide a unique opportunity for some in depth exploration of how we can bring more spice and variety to our storytelling. There are still a few places available, so if you have been thinking of joining us then we would be delighted to be able to welcome you.

Unfortunately, it is all a bit last minute for our course, ‘Speaking to the Stars’, and we have had to postpone this until next year. As restrictions have been lifted a little at a time, and with not much notice, we did not feel that it was wise to go ahead with the course on the off chance that things were going to work out. Roi Gal-Or and Stella Kassimati very much look forward to welcoming you to this, our flagship course, in 2021.

Keep safe and stay well,
With Love and Blessings,
Friends of Amari

The Inner Wheel

Storytelling and the Four Temperaments with Sue Hollingsworth and Stella Kassimati 30/09/2020 – 6/10/2020

How can an understanding of the four Greek temperaments help us as storytellers bring more health and balance, spice and variety to both our storytelling and our storytelling repertoire?

Three weeks in Amari in 2021! Dates for your diary:

Personal Storytelling Intensive 

with Sue Hollingsworth and Stella Kassimati
19 September – 10 October 2021


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